Industrial Symbiosis workshop Ljubljana

31 Jul 2020

Due to COVID -19 pandemics, are you looking for a sustainable & local supply of resources through symbiosis with different industrial branches?

“Industrial symbiosis” is recognized as an approach where business actors collaborate in a collective approach to create competitive advantages through resource exchanges, where no company is seen as an island but interacts with others to create mutual benefits, promoted through geographical proximity” . The main benefit of industrial symbiosis, organized in local and wider co-operation, is reduction of the need for virgin raw material and waste disposal and through this closing the material loop.

The costs of waste handling and management are increasing in past years; therefore, business actors are searching for new options to decrease their costs. Furthermore, there are some continuously growing industrial branches, such as construction sector, which is in constant need for large quantities of materials that can be used in construction works. Creation of matches based on industrial symbiosis principle between waste/resource holders and end-users of recycled waste can stimulate their business in more sustainable way.

Further information and registration for the workshop can be found here.

The workshop is free of charge!

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