RawMatCop Academy online course, 5, 7, 12 & 14 December 2022

17 Nov 2022
Apply today and learn how to use the Copernicus satellite’s Earth Observation data to improve issues and address challenges facing the raw materials industry.

RawMatCop Academy is a 4-day intensive, virtual course certified by the European Federation of Geologists that will teach you to analyse real-time Earth Observation data from the Copernicus Satellite and use it to solve challenges in the raw materials industry like making exploitation of primary and secondary raw materials more cost-effective and safer.

What makes this course a one-of-its-kind and extremely beneficial one? It covers topics like:

  • Basics of imaging technology, optical and active #remotesensing in raw materials
  • Optimised ways to monitor environmental impact and increase safety
  • Copernicus’ tools to tackle the industrial and societal challenges of raw materials in Europe

Through the duration of the course, you will be able to access the Copernicus open data to real problems in mineral exploration and mining operations including safety, environmental compliance, and more. Experts in Earth Observation to implement this data in the field.

For more details, visit to apply for the RawMatCop Academy course.

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