Short course on Exploration Technologies, Satellite Imaging and Remote Sensing for Environmental Sustainability

24 Feb 2022

Discover applications of Copernicus and Earth Observation data to tackle industrial and societal challenges of raw materials in Europe

The online short course, organised by the EIT RawMaterials Hub – Regional Center Southern Italy, represents an opportunity to go deeper in the fundamentals and case studies of real applications on Copernicus and Earth Observation data, in order to tackle the industrial and societal challenges of raw materials in Europe.

On 1 March 2022, from 10:00 till 16:30, outstanding free lectures will be offered by international experts from universities (University of Bari, University of Bologna), public research centers (CNR, ENEA), agencies (Italian Space Agency – ASI) and companies (Planetek Srl), all belonging to the fields of exploration technologies, mineral exploration and mapping of deposits, monitoring of mining activities, environmental impact monitoring, change detection, remote sensing and satellite data for natural sources management.

More information and registration available here.

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