Our objectives

The RC Adria Internship is a part of the Regional Center Adria, an EIT RawMaterials Hub.

The main aim of the Internship Programme is to enable students enrolled in the master’s study programmes to work as interns in different companies and institutions, but at the same time, to train a certain number of future trainers at the aforementioned companies/institutions. The matching and cooperation between the students and the industry will help to develop a new generation of young professionals with fresh attitudes, innovative ideas and an already existing awareness of real-life challenges in the raw materials sector. Therefore, the programme is envisaged as a booster to new concepts of high education and early employment strategies.

Internship 2021

RC ADRIA Internship Programme is adjusting and expanding in 2021!

In 2021, students will have access to our database of partners and will be able to directly choose their preferred organisations throught the year.

Check out the benefits and the possibilities to participate as a student or as an organisation ready to provide mentorship!


The applications for 2021 are open!


Why to apply in 2021

If you are a student…

…participating in the Internship could be an opportunity to build new skills, establish meaningful professional connections and a step towards a more certain employment in the future. And don’t worry about your living costs – as an intern, you will receive a monthly scholarship!


If you represent an organisation…

…admitting an intern could be a multifaceted benefit for your research or business, introducing a fresh perspective of future young professionals eager to learn and grow. The students will be matched with your organisation based on their competences and your needs, maximizing the positive impacts for both parties involved. The supervision provided to the students within your organisation will also be awarded by a one-time compensation of 500 Euro!


Benefits of the Internship for students and organisations

  • Increasing  employment  possibilities  for  the  RM  students  (by  introducing  the  students  to  the  potential  employers during  their  studies).  Some  of  the  2019  and 2020 ADRIA  Interns  have  been permanently employed by the host – organisations after the Internship.
  • Supporting  the  international  mobility  of  labour  in  the  RM  sector (by enabling internatinal internships through the Programme).
  • Strengthening  the  collaboration  between  the  education sector and industry.
  • Increasing  the  innovation potential  with  students  /  young  professionals (by enabling their early engagement in real-life business challenges).
  • Enabling  knowledge  exchange  (education  system  –  students – industry – students – education system) on an international level.
  • Positively impacting the inequalities between the capacities of young professionals and overall RM sector throughout the RIS region.
  • Reducing the impacts of brain drain in the RM sector within the RIS region.

Internship FAQS

What are the impressions of former ADRIA Interns

I personally see this Internship as a significant and high – quality experience, and I would like the realization to continue.

Jovan Milićević, an Intern, an Intern

The ADRIA Internship program is a great opportunity to gain new work experience and develop work skills and habits. It’s interesting to learn through practice from people who have been in business for a long time and are able to get us through the work assignments, so we really do learn something. Also, through this program, we get to know people who may be of use to us in our future careers. Students have the opportunity to apply the theory in practice and develop communication skills, rational thinking at the moment of action, and develop a sense of teamwork and responsibility towards the work tasks.

Mirsada Bušatlić, an Intern

We are open to future collaboration and a new year of the Internship Programme.

MSc Nadira Halilović, a Supervisor from AD HARBI Ltd

For me, internship was a once in a lifetime positive experience and I would recommend it to all students. First hand experience and feeling the work on a real job market with adequate mentorship is a great way to finish graduate studies. An excellent kickoff to start your career and to improve professional development.

Marko Sinčić, an Intern

This Internship has meant a lot to me and has brought me many positive things. Great experience and a huge step in my further professional career. I would recommend the students to sign up!

Bogdana Milenković, an Intern

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