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The Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering of the University of Zagreb (RGNF), the Geological Survey of Slovenia (GEOZS) and the Institute of Civil Engineering of Slovenia (ZAG) respect your privacy and oblige to carefully protect personal data obtained through the application procedure in accordance with the law. We will use and store your personal information solely for the purpose for which we collected the personal information, that is, until you withdraw your consent. By using appropriate technical and organizational procedures to protect your personal information, we will prevent any unauthorized access or release of your personal information.

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** Commission’s activities on gender equality in Horizon 2020 will be fully respected in the selection procedure.


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Internship related skills, interests and preferences

Please select ONE level of your English language proficiency (according to CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
Please list all professionally relevant software in which you can independently carry out simple tasks and operations (e.g. Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, ArcMap, GEOrient etc.)
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Please provide the following (name the files accordingly):

  • scan of your bachelor’s degree
  • scan of an official confirmation of your enrollment in the master’s study programme
  • scan of an official Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation
  • scan of written and signed recommendation of a university professor (only in case your GPA is below the required threshold).
  • scanned certificate of B2 or higher English language proficiency or some other acceptable evidence.
  • signed motivation letter
  • scan of your passport (non-EU citizens) or ID (EU citizens).

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