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On this page we will regularly inform you of the questions you had sent to us and the answers we have provided. Please, periodically check for up-dates!

There are several types of evidence which are accepted as sufficient in terms of confirming your language proficiency. Most appropriate would be a scan of the official certificate issued by a competent legal entity, stating your English language proficiency level. If you don’t have it, you can submit an evidence that you passed your faculty English exams with very good or excellent grades (an official GPA or a scan of the relevant pages of your student’s record). We will also accept your signed statement with a short history of your English language learning process (is it formal or informal, how long etc.). However, the statement has to clearly state that your current proficiency is at B2 level. 

If you still have some doubts of what would be acceptable from our side – feel free to ask before the application submission (

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