Report on the received students’ applications (1st round of the 2020 Call)

17 Mar 2020

NOTE: Dear readers! There has been an oversight (of two received applications) from our side, causing us to post incorrect data. Therefore, if you visited this site before 19/03/2020, the Call statistics presented might have looked differently. We apologize for any inconvenience! The data below is up-dated according to the call review.

Dear students, thank you once again for submitting your applications! Until today we have received a total of 17 student’s applications. Sixteen of them were submitted by the first cut-off date (15/03/2020) and only one was received after the deadline, thus automatically entering the 2nd round of the Call (open until the 1st of June).

As in the previous year, the applicants in the first round are residents of different ADRIA countries, most of them originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (almost 70%).

In terms of universities, the largest number of applications came from the University of Belgrade (44% of them), with equal number of applications coming from universities of Zagreb and Banja Luka.

As expected, most of the applicants have a bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering (56%). However, other disciplines are also represented, which we find extremely beneficial for the programme and the raw materials sector in general.

There is an equal number of female and male applicants, which make us extremely happy!

The ranking of the students will be published on this website, LinkedIn ( and Facebook (2020 ADRIA Internship Programme) in the following days. Follow the updates!

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