The first round of applications is finished!

16 Mar 2020

Dear students and representatives of organisations interested in the ADRIA Internship Programme!

We are happy to announce that the first round of applications has successfully ended yesterday and we are entering the process of evaluation, selection and matching!

Since we had many last-minute applications, we will publish a more detailed report on the call in the next few days. Please have in mind that our work is also affected by the COVID-19: the Faculty remains closed for the next two weeks and we are working from home-offices, which might impact the planned dynamics of the selection process. However, we will do our best and keep you informed. Thank you for your understanding!

At the same time, the 2nd round of Call for Applications has started and will be open until 1st of June 2020. If you have already applied, there is no need to apply again, since all eligible applicants who will not be matched in the first round automatically enter the following rounds.

We would like to thank you for your submitted and future applications, especially considering the circumstances in the EU and the region.

Please, stay safe, healthy and keep in touch!

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