The ranking of the students in the 2nd round of ADRIA Internship applications is published

13 Jul 2020

Dear students, first of all, we would like thank you for your patience! We are constantly monitoring the situation with COVID-19 in the ADRIA countries and trying to adjust to the changing circumstances. That is why we are a bit behind the planned schedule but still making steps towards the main objective: making the best of the Internship in 2020, both for students and organisations applied.

As you know, the second round of applications finished on June 1st. The ranking of the students (potential Interns) can be found here.

However, please have in mind that due to the COVID-19 related uncertainties,the time and manner of the Internship implementation is not definite. You will be contacted individually at the moment when a matching company is identified. Please follow the News part on our website.

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