Internships 2021

Pool of organisations 2021

Colas Mineral d.o.o.

10090 Zagreb, Croatia

Colas Mineral is company specialized in sand, gravel and aggregates production. It is the part of Colas Hrvatska Group. Sand and gravel is being extracted from the gravel pit Hrastovljan, which is located in the north of Croatia, near highway Zagreb - Goričan, in wide Varaždin area. Stone aggregates are being produced in quarry Puča, which is located in the south of Croatia, near highway Zagreb - Split, in wide Zadar area. What distinguished Colas Mineral from others? - Modern facility for aggregates production in gravel pit Hrastovljan - Constant high quality of produced material - Customer oriented business - Special products and innovation

Internship possibilities

Available placements
Current number of active applications
  • March 2021
  • April 2021
  • May 2021
  • June 2021
  • September 2021
  • October 2021
  • November 2021
  • December 2021
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
Internship location
Hrastovljan gravel pit (Hrastovljan 145A, Hrastovljan, Varaždin county) + optional visits to company’s office in Varaždin and Zagreb, as well as Puča quarry in Zadar county.
Field work
Laboratory work
Required equipment
Required: computer, cell phone Preferable: working (protective) shoes
Required education
  • univ. bacc. geol. / univ. bacc. ing. geol.
  • univ. bacc. ing. min.
Required skills and competences
Required: MS Office, English language (writing and speaking), family doctor’s certificate regarding student’s health state for the internship Preferable: AutoCAD (Autodesk)
Interns will have the opportunity to carry out various assignments. After the induction period and learning about Company’s rules, as well as the important rules about occupational health & safety, students will be offered to choose their main task, according to their preferences. The internship will include: - exploration phase (theory) - mining designs and annual exploitation plans - introduction to relevant mining legislation - exploitation permitting process - laboratory testing and quality control - field work - market research and product development - business case development - introduction to ISO standards
Company’s nominated supervisor for the Interns is Pero Ruso,, who is working as Project manager in Colas Mineral d.o.o. from July 2016. As a part of the head office of the company, Pero oversees project management, development and implementation of mining designs, permitting process etc…
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