Internships 2021

Pool of organisations 2021

PSRI Institute for Protection and Ecology

Banja Luka, RS, BiH, Bosnia & Herzegovina

PSRI Institute for Protection and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska is a public scientific-research, consulting, project and educational institution in the following fields: protection and improvement of quality of working and living environment, human health protection, occupational health, fire protection, risk management and system of quality management. It has been established in 1976. There are 42 employees. It participates in local and regional project, being dividedinto the following departments: Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection Department for Health and Safety at Work Department for Fire and Explosion Department for Education Laboratory for testing parameters in working environment Control (inspection) body Certification body

Internship possibilities

Available placements
Current number of active applications
  • March 2021
  • April 2021
  • May 2021
  • June 2021
  • July 2021
  • August 2021
  • September 2021
  • October 2021
  • November 2021
  • December 2021
  • 2 months
Internship location
Vidovdanska 43, Banja Luka, RS
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Field work
Laboratory work
Required equipment
Required education
  • univ. bacc. biol.
  • univ. bacc. oecol.
  • univ. bacc. geol. / univ. bacc. ing. geol.
  • univ. bacc. chem. / univ. bacc. ing. chem.
  • univ. bacc. ing. el.
  • univ. bacc. ing. aedif.
  • univ. bacc. ing. agr.
Required skills and competences
Computer skills
Laboratory and field research Creation of reports and EIAs
BSc experienced in the field required, same as the intern’s
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