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Rudnik i flotacija Rudnik, doo

Rudnik, Serbia

The company Rudnik and flotation Rudnik is located on the mountain of the same name Rudnik in central Serbia. The tradition of mining begins in prehistory, through the ancient Romans, medieval mining to the present day. The mine was privatized in 2004. by the company Contango doo from Belgrade. The main products are concentrates of lead, zinc, copper with the presence of silver as an accompanying element. The mine has 460 employees, divided into two basic ore units, ore production and concentrate production. Today, it operates as a very successful company that markets its products abroad and on the domestic market.

Internship possibilities

Available placements
Current number of active applications
  • April 2021
  • May 2021
  • June 2021
  • September 2021
  • October 2021
  • 1 month
Internship location
Miše Mihajlovića 2, Rudnik
Field work
Laboratory work
Required equipment
No, they will get all here in our company. If they want, they can use their pc
Required education
  • univ. bacc. oecol.
  • univ. bacc. geol. / univ. bacc. ing. geol.
  • univ. bacc. chem. / univ. bacc. ing. chem.
  • univ. bacc. ing. el.
  • univ. bacc. ing. geoing.
  • univ. bacc. ing. oecoing.
  • univ. bacc. ing. met.
  • univ. bacc. ing. min.
  • univ. bacc. ing. mech.
  • univ. bacc. oec.
Required skills and competences
Primarily, knowledge of computer skills, English language, some basic knowledge in the field for which they are studying is required.
Getting acquainted with the work of the company, adjusting to teamwork, getting acquainted with communication skills with employees, upgrading knowledge in the required areas, getting acquainted with workplace protection measures with reference to environmental protection measures. In addition to activities related exclusively to the areas for which they are trained, candidates will be introduced to the principles of ISO standards, 9001, 45001, 14001.
Zlatko Belic, ing.min Goran Umeljić, ing.geol. Ljiljana Obrenović, ing.chem, expert for IMS and Environment Kristina Urošević, ing.mech Nevena Nenadović, ing. oec
About supervisors
All of them are highly skilled in their fields with extensive experience.
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