The full list of EIT RawMaterials funded projects in the ADRIA region

BloW-UP - Balkans Waste to Products: transfer of NoI model to Balkan area: de-siloing new waste-derived raw materials and devel-oping new applications,

Circular Serbia - Benefits from cooperations between EU recycling sector and Serbian industry,

DIM ESEE - Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining school,

ENGIE - Encouraging Girls to Study Geosciences and Engineering,

INNOCAT - Innovative CRM substitution technology for public authorities' vehicle catalysts,

InvestRM - Multifactor model for investments in the raw material sector,

iTARG3T – Innovative targeting and processing of Tin, Tungsten and Tantalum ores,

OpESEE - Open ESEE-Region Master for Maintenance Engineering,

RAISESEE - Raw Materials Students Internships in East South East Europe, 

REEBAUX - Prospects of REE recovery from bauxite and bauxite residue in the ESEE region,

RESEERVE - Mineral potential of the ESEE region,

RIS CuRe - Zero waste recovery of copper tailings in the ESEE region,

RIS RECOVER - Regional innovation scheme for zero waste extraction of critical raw materials,

RIS-ALiCE - Al-rich industrial residues for mineral binders in ESEE region,

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